I Still Love You…

I carry with me our fond memories.  I miss you.  I wish I could just move on, but I had no idea how much I loved you till I couldn’t.

I obviously knew at the time that I liked you and cared deeply about you, but now I know how deep that love ran.  I have tried to move on. Believe me. It’s not easy.

You were special in a way that no one can compare.

I gave you part of me. My heart. My body. My soul. I so willingly gave without realizing I could not ask for them back when it was over.

I haven’t given myself since.


I’m First

June is rolling around the corner, but I am still in school.

I can’t believe it.

Finals are underway and I am frantically cramming and cranking out written pages.

After this finals week I will be done with my undergradaute career.

It has been an incredible journey.

To even get into a university was huge.

None of my family has even graduated highschool.

So when I checked that off the list, my family was satisified wiht my accomplishments.

But I knew that I HAD to keep going.

I had a knack for learning and thoruoghly enjoyed being mentally stimulated.

I am thankful that they have supported me through this journey.

I did this for all of us.

We are now college educated.


Mi vida no es completa.

Existen faltas…

de amistad porque muchos de mis relaciones son superficiales;

de amor porque soy reservada y tímida;

de comida porque no lo merezco;

de creatividad porque solamente puedo trabajar cuando esté triste.

Soy vació


Soy vació

Pero llevo en mi corazón el deseo de llenarme con algo.  ¿De qué? no sé.

Necesito algo….

Soy vacio.

The universality of gun violence

It’s a typical Wednesday:

I meet with my writing Professor,

I get my Venti mango lemonade from Starbucks,

and I walk to Kresge Hall, my school’s language builiding.


Once I arrive, I begin to write my paper

With my music on blast.

Only to have this melodic background interrupted by a call.


It’s an unknown number from Evanston,

my school’s town.

I pick up not knowing exaclty what to expect.


An automated voice begins speaking

I almost habitually hang-up, but wanting a distraction from work I listen

To find out that there is an armed gunman on my campus.


I freeze and focus on the repeating line


Grabbing my stuff, I run to find shelter.


I go to a trusted Professor

seeking shelter in his lockable office.

Blockading the door behind me.


I know exactly what to do

In school they train you for these types of events

Sit still, be quiet.


What’s most ironic is that today my school had a march out

With the goal of detesting gun violence

Only to be attacked hours later.


It’s fucked up.

The threat of gun violence is universal.

I would have never expected such an event to happen to me or my school community.


But it did.


And events like these will keep happening until stricter gun regulation is obtained.



Despertar Contigo

El sol saliendo

Nos ojos despertando

Las gallinas gritando

Mi mente pensado


¿Que vida es eso?

Mis experiencias no vale un peso

Pero lo más valeroso es su beso

Sientando su cuerpo en mi pecho


Empezamos lentamente

Con mi cuerpo en frente

Sé que voy a perder mi mente

Eres mi tipo de gente


Gente que ama

Por favor no digas nada a mi mamá

Tampoco a mi papá

No queiro esa fama


Vamos a empezar el día

Es bien fría

Pero tu corazón me calentara

Gracias por ser mía.


Youg taught me how to love

I guess all I needed was a little shove


You taught me how to get there

In the middle of no where….


As we are traveling,

I see the world unraveling


Wondering what kind of life this is

Only to be comforted by your kiss


Thank you for being

My eyes are finally seeing.