The universality of gun violence

It’s a typical Wednesday:

I meet with my writing Professor,

I get my Venti mango lemonade from Starbucks,

and I walk to Kresge Hall, my school’s language builiding.


Once I arrive, I begin to write my paper

With my music on blast.

Only to have this melodic background interrupted by a call.


It’s an unknown number from Evanston,

my school’s town.

I pick up not knowing exaclty what to expect.


An automated voice begins speaking

I almost habitually hang-up, but wanting a distraction from work I listen

To find out that there is an armed gunman on my campus.


I freeze and focus on the repeating line


Grabbing my stuff, I run to find shelter.


I go to a trusted Professor

seeking shelter in his lockable office.

Blockading the door behind me.


I know exactly what to do

In school they train you for these types of events

Sit still, be quiet.


What’s most ironic is that today my school had a march out

With the goal of detesting gun violence

Only to be attacked hours later.


It’s fucked up.

The threat of gun violence is universal.

I would have never expected such an event to happen to me or my school community.


But it did.


And events like these will keep happening until stricter gun regulation is obtained.




Author: Stephanie Marín Blog

Stephanie Marín Graduada con honores por la Northwestern University (NU) de Evanston, IL, especializada en Letras Hispánicas, literatura y estudios latinoamericanos y caribeños, hija de padre migrante izucarence (Ayutla) y madre norteamericana, ha trabajado en oficinas de orientación en derechos de migrantes en EEUU y derechos de las personas con discapacidades en Bolivia y actualmente está por iniciar sus estudios de maestría en la escuela de educación y política social de la misma universidad. Esa pagina es para todos los pensamientos y sentimientos íntimos y sublimes.

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