I’m First

June is rolling around the corner, but I am still in school.

I can’t believe it.

Finals are underway and I am frantically cramming and cranking out written pages.

After this finals week I will be done with my undergradaute career.

It has been an incredible journey.

To even get into a university was huge.

None of my family has even graduated highschool.

So when I checked that off the list, my family was satisified wiht my accomplishments.

But I knew that I HAD to keep going.

I had a knack for learning and thoruoghly enjoyed being mentally stimulated.

I am thankful that they have supported me through this journey.

I did this for all of us.

We are now college educated.

Author: stephaniemarinblog

Hola, soy Stephanie Marin. Estoy estudiando "Spanish & Language" y "Latin American and Caribbean Studies" en la Universidad de Northwestern en Evanston, Illinois. Esa pagina es para todos mis pensamientos y sentimientos. Trato de representar mi propia realidad sin tomar una posición romántica ni idealista. Para ser realista tengo que escribir sobre mi presente. Ojalá que puedas entender mis fragmentos porque a veces es difícil expresar mis pensamientos y sentimientos más sublimes.

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